The Virtue of Beauty

NB: these are notes; will update in due time.   The connection between virtue and beauty (ethics and aesthetics) is fascinating. Briefly put, virtue is a translation of the Greek arete, and personally I believe a better translation in "moral excellence"; chief among the characteristics that make a person excellent is wisdom, which is the … Continue reading The Virtue of Beauty

Stoicism and Addiction: Stoic Philosophy as a Recovery Program

This article will serve as the basis for a simple, and practical, guide to intermingling the ancient philosophy of Stoicism – of which Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and its successor Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are, in part, based on – and Recovery from Addiction.

The Life of Seneca: Examining our Historical Sources

There are two sides of Seneca that history remembers. One of hypocrisy, corruption, debauchery, and glutonony. And the second of virtue, sobriety, rationailty, and courage. While a third – often overlooked – account shows us a middle ground between those two extremes. Let’s do a brief overview of those sides by examining the three main historical sources we have.